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WordPress Plugin: WP Review von MyThemeShop.com

always wanted your offer reviews or a professional review of your products? I admit, of course, the greatest work consists of writing book reviews. But would not it be nice if you had a rating plugin for WordPress, where you simply enter the most important data and then you would have a Rating Form? WP Review plugin is a ...

google-drive-features-24-04-2012 0

Google Drive is finally here! With software for Windows and Mac, Android and Web interface. What can it do?

Now it is slow to read everywhere: Google Drive is now officially! Each one Google account has, can use Google Drive. Currently, Google Drive is step-by-step is activated, it may be that it is not activated at all. When Gmail account is then "Google Drive is not ready" and ...


Backbeat 903 – Produkt-Test – Video Review

Headphones come a dime a dozen. jogging the right headphones for and do sports, you have to find time only. You have to sit, do not press and practically not noticeable. Exactly Plantronics has gotten to the "Plantronics BackBeat 903+"!


UPDATE: Windows Firewall Notifier: Windows Firewall Addon

Personal firewalls can or not installed. It always comes down to whether you trust to protect. At least I know some people who feel secure when they can control which program should seek and what not. Wrong, it is at least not programs need not have Internet access to withdraw these also - the ...


Network Scanner "Overlook" for Android

Who uses fixed IP addresses in his home network, you must always remember the IP addresses with which it works most frequently Umständern. If you now have a network printer, the IP you need not necessarily remember - you do not need, too often, because you have set up your printer through the driver ....


Android applications for tablets

If you have a tablet with Android for the first time, comparing it with a smartphone on which also runs Android. The difference is a then very quickly when installing programs and if the resolution is not compatible. If you're unlucky, just the programs do not run that you can advance on the smartphone ...

Jotti's malware scan is a free online service that enables you to scan suspicious files with several anti-virus programs. 0

Jotti’s Malware Scan – Multi Anti-Virus

Eine Anti-Virus Software hat mittlerweile jeder in Einsatz… trotzdem gibt es immer wieder kleine Unterschiede zwischen den Herstellern und den verschiedenen Versionen (kostenlos oder kostenpflichtig). Manchmal würde man vielleicht gerne wissen was ein anderer Anti Virus Hersteller gefunden hätte. Doch jedes Mal eine andere Anti Virus Software zu installieren macht keinen Sinn – besser sind...

amazon-cloud-desktop-software-02-05-2012 0

Dropbox, Google Drive, Wuala, SugarSync und jetzt: Amazon Cloud Drive (Amazon Simple Storage Solution)

Nachdem die meisten bei Dropbox gelandet sind, Wuala und SugarSync ausprobiert haben und dann auch endlich Google Drive verfügbar war … wer darf nun auch nicht fehlen? Richtig: “Amazon Web Services” – auch bekannter mit dem Name “Amazon S3” (für Unternehmen gedacht). Für den privaten Benutzer heißt Amazon’s Storage Lösung “Amazon Cloud Drive“. Anfangs, dass muss...

The Fitbit Tracker shows your real-time activity stats so you know how close you are to your goals. 0

Fitbit: Tracker for running, jogging, sports, etc.

A few days ago I got the "Fitbit Ultra - Wireless activity + sleep tracker" get sent. The one or the other, wondering what that is? This is actually explained in relatively few sentences: Previously, many joggers and athletes had a pedometer (pedometer), who counted automatically investigate completed steps a day. It worked ...


AndAR for Android - Put items in the room!

As promised, I'll get back, keep going with the theme "Augmented Reality" and the Android aplication "AndAR". This makes it possible to create certain objects in a room (as long as you look through the Cam smartphone). With AndAR that's possible! So that the whole work, the software needs a landmark in the form of ...


When removing print head and footer: Google Chrome

For a long time, since the Firefox browser has been getting slower, I use Google's Chrome browser. It runs fast, the plugins are useful and available in large mass. But I have now found a point, I do not know why I'm not more across it, which I'm not clear. If I in ...

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Notepad Extension - notes in the Chrome browser

Manchmal benötigt man einen Notizblock für die wichtigsten Memos oder Ideen die einem einfallen. Viele von euch benutzen bestimmt ToDo Listen wie andere einfach den Editor unter Windows. Es gibt aber auch noch eine andere Möglichkeit, die sich automatisch von Browser zu Browser synchronisiert. Ich spreche von HTML5 Notepad, das als Chrome Erweiterung installiert werden kann....


Digital Public Library - Amazon e-book rental

Some remain: "A book I have to scroll, can highlight, smell and feel.", Others want to move with the times and rely on e-books. It is possible to electronic readers such as the Amazon Kindle store, thousands of books and always carry with them. Just what many love ...


Geni family tree: Genealogy and relatives

One or the other, may have noticed ever by chance that there are other people who have the same last name. Often it is really distant relatives or at least there is historically a small contact. Not everyone has a family tree, mostly for historical reasons can be many data no longer reconstruct or simply do not exist ...